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About Me

Leader with a balanced technical, consulting, business and people manager skill sets. A strong performer and problem solver, with experience in managing diverse Tech teams.

Currently working as a People Manager of a team of former Engineers and Product Managers driving Tech and Product partnerships; with 10+ years of experience in the Tech industry and 12 years as a software developer.

Work Experience

Head of Technical Solutions, Channel Partners APAC

- (11mo) at Google (
  • Manager of a team of Technical Solutions Managers in Channel Partners team in Asia Pacific (APAC), mainly composed of former Engineers and Product Managers.
  • Technical Solutions is a Partner Engineering team whose main goal is designing and leading new Products, through complex API integrations with large Tech Partners in the region and globally. Role scope includes Product definition and scoping, UX and persona definition, piloting and validating hypotheses, designing and building the Product and API integrations, testing and launching to market. The Team’s portfolio spans multiple verticals and sectors with high focus on e-Commerce and Lead Generation, and transforms into a USD$XXXM yearly revenue portfolio opportunity.
  • Strategy: Defined strategy including defining team’s Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and shaping the team’s shared vision.
  • Performance Management: Responsible for the team’s success, including setting expectations and individual OKRs, performance management, coaching, and career planning through regular syncs and processes.
  • Operations: Designed and implemented team’s operational framework to improve productivity, collaboration and best practice sharing among team members and globally.
  • Hiring: Responsible for team’s growth and hiring, including promoting the roles, screening and interviewing candidates, preparing interview panels, and onboarding new hires; while focusing on the team’s diversity and inclusion.
  • Change Management: Led the team through a major organization restructure; keeping the team productive, focused and motivated during the transition.
  • Collaboration: Worked with multiple areas (e.g. Product, Tech Support, Policy, Marketing), to enable cross functional collaboration and reduce or remove roadblocks.
  • Led the Singapore-based Latin Employee Resource Group. Set the strategy working with a team of 4-6 people aiming at fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the (50+) represented group and at Google.
  • Performance ratings: Top 25-60% (Promotion).

Tech Lead of Technical Solutions, Channel Sales APAC

- (1y 4mo) at Google (
  • Tech Lead role, holding similar responsibilities than as the Head of Technical Solutions, without direct reports.
  • Launched a framework to collaborate globally and tackle key team challenges on identity, performance, product and documentation. Launched an Awards and Recognition program to further foster collaboration.
  • Created and led the Singapore-based Latin Employee Resource Group. Set the strategy working with a team of 4-6 people aiming at fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the group and Google.
  • Performance ratings: Top 25-60% > Top 4-25%.

Customer Solutions Engineer

- (2y 2mo) at Google (
  • Led Consulting engagements with C-level executives to deliver key business objectives through Technical Plans worth USD$XX millions.
  • Designed and developed custom tech, cloud and data solutions to solve business problems and drive incremental revenue.
  • Consulted technical teams, and project managed API integrations worth USD$X-XX millions.
  • Management experience: Coached and mentored new team members, and provided further Tech coaching to multiple teams as an official code reviewer for Python, JavaScript and SQL.
  • Tech experience: Google Cloud. Python, JavaScript and SQL.
  • Performance ratings: Top 25-60% > Top 4-25% > Top 4% (Promotion) > Top 25-60% > Top 4-25%.

Technical Solutions Consultant

- (3y 3mo) at Google (
Ireland and Singapore
  • Provided consulting, implementation and troubleshooting services for Google’s largest advertisers with 100% quality and satisfaction rate.
  • Management experience: Led a technical and globally distributed team focused in automating operational processes, which became a key pillar in Google’s technical support strategy; saving 200,000+ hours of manual work. Grew the team from 4 to over 15 members across 3 regions.
  • Tech experience: Python (Django), Machine Learning, SQL, JavaScript (Frontend and Chrome Extensions).
  • Performance ratings: Top 4% > Top 4% (Promotion) > Top 25-60% > Top 4-25% > Top 4% > Top 4% (Promotion).

Data Engineer

- (6mo) at Google (
  • Temporary assignment on a data and web engineering team focused on scaling customer support teams.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a Machine Learning model and technical solution to identify relevant help center articles, saving 40,000 hours of work per year.
  • Redesigned and scaled a data pipeline for the management and governance of internal tools.
  • Built data pipelines to monitor and analyse Google’s Technical team internal governance on tool usage.
  • Tech experience: JavaScript (Chrome Extension), Python, Machine Learning, SQL.
  • Performance rating: Top 4%.

Guest Lecturer on Automation and Digital Marketing

- (6y 7mo) at IEBSchool (
Online, Spain
  • Guest lecturer at an Online Business School on Digital Business Master programmes. Units include Automation, Digital Marketing (Social Media, Web 2.0, SEO, SEM) and other Internet-related topics.
  • Student’s quality survey: 9.1 / 10.

Product Manager

- (2y 1mo) at IEBSchool (
  • Product Manager at Open IEBS, the course and MOOC platform for an online Business School.
  • Planned and implemented the product strategy, creating processes and workflows in cooperation with multiple departments.
  • Ideated and implemented automation initiatives which saved 50% manual labour on key business processes.
  • Business development and user acquisition strategies allowed us to launch and reach the first EUR€XX,000s of revenue on the first year.
  • Management experience: Prioritized and released features by managing a team of 2 developers using Agile-like methodologies.
  • Tech experience: Agile methodologies.

Web Developer

- (9y 2mo) at Freelance (
Spain, Online
  • Managed and developed 20+ websites and experiments for myself and customers.
  • Tech experience: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

Communications Manager

- (5mo) at Freelance (
Spain, Online
  • Responsible for social media, SEO and User Experience. which increased traffic and conversion.
  • Increased organic traffic by 54% in 4 months through a SEO and Social Media strategy and by leading a technical redesigning of critical landing pages.

Professional Highlights

  • Managed senior and highly productive Tech teams, from hiring and planning to success.
  • Fostered diversity, equity and inclusion to create better teams and companies.
  • Led consulting engagements with business and technical stakeholders (incl. C-level execs).
  • Worked across multiple organizational areas, including customer support, Tech consulting, product partnerships, sales engineering and business development.
  • Worked in several European and Asian cities on multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Professional Skills

  • Leadership Skills: Team building and management, Strategy planning and delivery, Cross functional collaboration.
  • Business skills: Problem solving, automation, quick learning.
  • Coding languages: Python, JavaScript, SQL.
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan.


Licentiate in Business Administration, Marketing, GPA: 8.50 / 10 (B+)

- (4y 10mo) at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (
  • Achieved exceptional academic results including: 6 Dean’s List and 17 Outstanding grades, Top 5/300 student ranked by GPA + foreign language level, and the Grant of Excellence of Madrid for high achieving students in collaboration with Business Management department.
  • Class Prefect and Faculty Cloister member.
  • Two international exchange programmes in Sydney (Australia, English) and Lille (France, French).
  • * Licentiate degree is a 5 year program which consists of a first and second cycle with specialization; similar to BSc + MSc.

Finance et Gestion, Marketing (ERASMUS), GPA: 14.04 / 20 (A)

- (7mo) at Universite Catholique de Lille (
  • European international exchange program (ERASMUS) at la Faculte Libre des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Lille. Semester abroad studying in French.

Business Administration and Management, GPA: 79.25 / 100 (A)

- (1y) at University of Sydney (
  • International student exchange program at University of Sydney, Australia. Year abroad in Sydney studying in English.
  • Top 1 in Unit: INFS1000 – Digital Business Innovation.



  • BigQuery presentation for the Google Cloud Platform User Group Meetup.
  • TopicBigQuery, on Google Cloud Platform.


  • Company workshop with Management team (2 days).
  • TopicInnovation, technology and machine learning.


  • Company workshop with Engineering team (2 days).
  • TopicInnovation, technology and machine learning.


  • International eLearning conference.
  • TopicPersonalized learning with virtual reality, xAPI and the Internet of Things.
  • Materialsslides.

Things I Enjoy

  • Tech hobbies: Coding, gaming, home automation.
  • Other hobbies: Coin collecting, Muay Thai, scuba diving.
  • International experience: Lived in 7 cities, 5 countries and 3 continents.