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Nito Buendia


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Shaping the next web


A digital business enthusiast who is passionate about developing ideas into online products and making them grow. Amazed by the power of the Internet to empower people and businesses. Loves asking "why, why not and what if" as a tool for problem solving.

Graduated in Business Administration currently working as a Product Manager for 2 years on an online company, allowing to combine the business strategic view with the knowledge of the Internet acquired from working as a freelance developer for 10+ years.


  • Enhanced traffic, revenue and savings for different online businesses with different solutions from digital marketing to automation.
  • Worked for 20+ online projects under different roles from developer to marketer.
  • Worked on multidisciplinary teams, leading some of them.
  • Accustomed to adapting to different cultures and environments.


Customer Solutions Engineer

April 2018 - Current (2y 11mo) at Google (Singapore)

Engineer working with Sales and Customers to enable Google's large advertisers to use Google services at scale and generate business for them.

Work includes developing products, as well as consulting and educating our customers to leverage Google's infrastructure.

Technical Support Specialist

October 2016 - March 2018 (1y 6mo) at Google (Singapore)

Technical support for Google's large advertisers on DoubleClick and YouTube advertising products.

Automation Ninja

February 2015 - March 2018 (3y 2mo) at Google (Dublin & Singapore)

Led an automation team. Grew the team from 4 to +15 members and made it a key strategic piece in Google's technical support growth.

Automated implementation and troubleshooting processes cross multiple products, which saved +200,000 hours of work (100 full time employee equivalents / FTEs) in a 400+ people organization.

Web Engineer

April 2017 - September 2017 (6mo) at Google (Singapore)

Temporary assignment on a data and web engineer team focused on scaling support teams.

Designed, developed and implemented a Machine Learning model to discover help center articles which could save +40,000 hours of work per year (20 full time employee equivalents / FTEs).

Redesigned and scaled a data pipeline for the management and governance of internal tools.

Guest Lecturer

October 2010 - April 2017 (6y 7mo) at IEBSchool (Online)

Guest Lecturer at a pioneer online Business School: teaching about Automation, Online Marketing (Social Media, Web 2.0, Search Marketing) as well as other Digital Business and Internet related topics.

Implementation Specialist

January 2015 - September 2016 (1y 9mo) at Google (Dublin)

Partnered with Google's large advertisers to launch AdWords campaigns of budgets up to $300,000, with 100% satisfaction rate.

Product Manager

December 2012 - December 2014 (2y 1mo) at IEBSchool (Barcelona)

Led the launch of IEBSchool's online course-selling platform. Planned and implemented the product strategy.

Designed and improved business processes: reduced in 50% the cost of creating new content.

Managed a team (2-3 people) as well as product processes and operational workflows.



July 2017

Company workshop with Management team (2 days).
Topic: Innovation, technology and machine learning.


May 2017

Company workshop with Engineer team (2 days).
Topic: Innovation, technology and machine learning.


March 2016

International eLearning conference.
Topic: Personalized learning with virtual reality, xAPI and the Internet of Things.
Materials: slides.