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Growing the digital economy with Shopee: launching Google Ads with Shopee

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Shopee Headquarter by TheGreatSG'rean (Wikimedia)
Shopee Headquarter by TheGreatSG'rean (Wikimedia)

The e-Conomy SEA 2020 report estimates the digital economy of the South East Asia region in USD$100bn; with e-Commerce being the main contributor and having significantly accelerated this growth due to the pandemic. Small business turned into digital; and, in many cases, this meant selling through some of the largest marketplaces in the region.

As a Technical Solutions Manager, my job involves partnering with some of the largest companies in the world to bring the best of Google to businesses around the world. We recently partnered with Shopee to bring Google Ads to their Brands and sellers, both large and small. We are very proud of the work that was done by both teams and which led to launching of Google Ads with Shopee.

We hope this will allow Brands and sellers to grow their businesses through the best of Google and Shopee.

Read the full press release on Sea's media site: Shopee and Google launch Google Ads with Shopee

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