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How Grab increased their conversion rate by 30% with Marketing Automation

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Image by Afif Kusuma
Image by Afif Kusuma

As a Customer Solutions Engineer, my role involves working with some of the best companies in the world to help them achieve their goals through marketing and technology. While sometimes transformative, a lot of this work never sees the light. However, I am very happy to see some of our customers talking about the impact of the work we do.

Grab is a SuperApp based in South East Asia. When they came to talk to us, they told us the challenges they faced to achieve their marketing objectives. Grab is a very flexible and fast moving company, but the campaign management activities could not keep up with the speed of their performance marketing strategies.

The complexities of Grab business involved multiple markets, cities, products and languages; whereas their marketing team wanted to work with multiple themes, promotions and optimisation goals. All with a clear objective: improve their marketing results through creative optimisation, by testing and experimenting with new ideas and themes.

This complexity was not only expensive to sustain on their marketing team, but also was slowing them down and preventing them to experiment with new alternatives more often.

We worked with the Grab marketing and engineering teams to design a creative automation project which would allow to manage all this complexity based on their creative naming and make the creative upload and replacement a seamless process.

The results: faster creative processes, lower campaign management costs and a 30% increase in conversion rates. Another success story of how Automation can completely transform any business unit.

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